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So I'll tell you this:
- I'm no footballer guy.
- I'm against Rice Cars/People.
- I'm still jobless

I speak A-Z of the following:
- Cars, Music and PC.


Be me, be that keyboardist, be that life. Go figure, I wished I don't have to hate for certain things.

"The mirror is the optimist/pessimist's best friend"



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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
12:20 AM

Am I looking forward? I should be.
Should I ignore those past and move on? Of course.
Do I need firecrackers and flashy lights for it? Not necessarily.
Do I still need them to say their apologies to me? It's up to them.
Why of all the questions? I don't really know.

Cause above all of those, I think.. it'll just be like last year. Nothing's changing despite how people think they are. Like, do I look like I've changed? If you thought so, then I guess you don't really know alot of me. It's a life cycle. When we see people die, then they start thinking of religious things. People happy, they start to think that what they gained in life are already achieved and forget the others. People sad, they think their life should be wasted. Especially during these times.

Here in this biggy blue and green planet earth, is just temporary. Why act alot for your own desires? Why everytime people during the festive season like 'Hari Raya', go spend alot? What 'Hari Raya' really means to you anyway?

Yes, as you might thought already.. I'm not looking forward for another Hari Raya with all the cliché(s). It's boring.

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Sincerely, xnox.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
12:01 PM

"If you can hear me now
then you're halfway there
Just a jump from your window fly
Naked through the air
Take a long hard look"

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Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, September 15, 2008
9:00 AM

NOTE: Rant Alert. Skip if you have happiyololleroflmaoific-mood for today.


It doesn't matter what do you want me to be. I live with my own life and decisions. I don't care what you guys think. And if you don't like it, might aswell just go straight up to me and stop talking behind my backs. Go ahead and start a drama.

You wanna know what I think everyday?

To be honest I have my future and family matters to worry about and also my car which also has things to revise for. It's my responsibility to look after those things. At home, they see me as a guest in a ballpark. How the hell I should be happy when I'm feeling so fucked up like that? I can't even think my future like this and I don't think I should be able to get a good job and make my 'good' parents proud. Mesti high-class la konon kali ah. Mun inda kana sumpah saja sampai durang mati. I tried to be humble and it's up to kamu to judge aku, well maybe I think I didn't tried hard enough.

The car? My dad trusted me to look over it, and hence.. (--)

If you don't like the way I am, fine.. go ahead and try to find another person that suits you guys the most. I doubt you can find one or maybe.. just get a real life, drama kings and queens.


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Sincerely, xnox.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
11:41 PM

So I was in my 'choosing the exhaust setup dilemma' these few weeks which also bogged my mind, and my parents blabbering about ruining the car. From Sport Muffler with stock Resonator setup and then Sport Muffler with 2.5" Straight Pipe setup with no resonator, I finally chose the route to go Sport Muffler + 2.5" Straight Pipe setup and Resonator. God bless the people who cursed me when I had the 'fart-can' effect around town. Finally I got a good resonator (Apex'i Resonator) along with my current exhaust system.

(Example of a fart can sound. Listen throughout the video: http://tinyurl.com/6ljks3)

Luckily I got rid of that shitty sound. It rumbles nicely now. No more fart can effect!


And today, I also installed my Euro-Customs Strut brace kit. They had to drill it! Yes.. i mean, taking that drill bit and poke it at the body work! But oh well, it payed off later. :p


Infact, I was skeptical with the car's handling after installing such kits like this one. But to be honest (I mean really), the car actually handles better at corners. Less understeering now and much sharper handling. Though, the understeering is still there due to the fact I'm still using balloon tires and stock suspension, there's still room for improvement. I know, i know.. sikit-sikit dulu tah. And guess what? I'm happy! :)

Oh before ending this post, when I got home.. there was a little surprise for me:

WEEEE, silver 1M balik dari bandar! Hahaha apakan. "Changing-parts" session, no? :p

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Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, September 8, 2008
12:18 AM

@ D'Anggrek:

Ka Enoy with her D80,

Arif (Titto) and well.. ehem,

CSB-ians #1,

CSB-ians #2,

The not-so-malays.. haha apakan,

Cicie suwip,

Ambil bebanyak,

And my meal :d,

Thanks everyone, sorry kalau yang lain inda aku teambil gambar. Sibuk ku kan makan udah masa sungkai atu. 'Till next time!

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Sincerely, xnox.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
2:50 AM

Selamat Menunaikan Puasa pada kaum muslimin dan sewaktu dengan nya. Setan kana jail, jangan tani kan jadi setan pulang time ani. Kay, cheers everyone. Happy bulan Ramadhan-ing!

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Sincerely, xnox.