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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
8:02 PM

This is what I think the best way to install Windows Vista.

"This is the exciting new Operating System from Microsoft!"

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Sincerely, xnox.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
9:24 AM

Ehh, if you request me to write a wishlist, it'll be endless. Was looking at several pictures of lightly/heavily modded Seat Toledo across the net (SeatCupra.net, Seat-Toledo.de, etc):

Personally I find the last Seat Toledo is teh sexiest. Angel Lights, Eye Brows, Rims, Bodykits, I wantt. HAHAAAA. Guys with their toys. Eh, Girls with their makeups and clothes, biar tia wah!

*cough cough*, ngaaahhh.. I'm still having my sore throat. Today's the worst, errghh. Mana tia ubat manis ku ne? Haha.

Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, April 28, 2008
3:08 PM

I don't get it. The more I read, the more my mind gets twisted. Okay, the stuff I'm watching is a PCI Slot Cooling Device, uh... okay the one that sits inside the computer below the graphics card...? ....

Fine, it's "something" that is used to cool something off inside a CPU. What I don't get is how the device actually gives access to harder to reach area? I mean, wattahell?

Keh I'm just bored, surfing off to teh netz again.


Sincerely, xnox.

10:29 AM

So what a weekend! Had a recording session again yesterday with qamaruz after chilling out with the guys (Qamaruz, Marsya, Farah, Maziz, Faiz) at the beach. Yeh, we're slacking off and having our fun times at the beach before the recording session. Some piccies at the beach.

Drop by his blog. He does write about this too. Hahaha.

Moving on, during the evening I made the arrangements of the equipments again. Made a revision on how the vocal miking positions should be. And, unfortunately when I was tuning my acoustic guitar during the setup, the last string broke.. and we had to use an Electric Guitar as a replacement! Then like the last recording session, I had to refine the reverb levels, equalization levels and volume of the instruments again.

The recording session lasted for 3 hours, there's like mistakes and stuff but yeh, this time we actually made more materials than the first attempt. Yes, there's times during the recording we're just steaming off things too. Recording Music and Mixing is not easy people! It takes several times to refine everything in order to blend it just right. Oh, during this attempt I suggested to add some percussion effects too like the tambourines, shakers, etc. I think it really adds to the music.. but gahhh.. I think there'll be a Recording Session Part 3 it seems, haha.

Okay okay here are the actual recording clips:

After Tonight, Second Attempt.

Be Back Soon.

Save Him, Second Attempt.


Other extra recording Clips:

Be Back Soon - (Retry Attempt 1 - Pickup messed up)
:: Okay, as he was strumming the guitar, he accidentally moved the pickup knob. Ahh!

Be Back Soon - (Retry Attempt 2 - Wrong chord)
:: Wrong chord for the verse, funny nevetheless.

Be Back Soon vs Save Him
:: I wasn't sure which to record first, Save Him's intro in .. Be Back Soon?

Cry Me A River - (Dry Run)
:: Dry run, was doing the mixer tuning process. Strum away, qam!

Little Fat Boy and the Letter "L"
:: This is just so wrong! The most funniest clip during the evening! Steaming off.

Save Him - (Dreaming)
:: I know si Moon is there watching you, but.. -_-?? You're doing a recording session!

Save Him - (Wrong Chord)
:: Keh, I was so frustrated on this one, not only he was doing a wrong chord, he was laughing away. But what the heck, hahahaha.

Do drop some comments in my shoutbox, alright? I guess it was a 'Weekend time spent well'. Wait, spent well on doing other things instead of my exams and assignments.

Xnox, out!

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Sincerely, xnox.

Saturday, April 26, 2008
10:51 AM

For the past few days, I think something got into my head.. and I can't really get it of. When I told my bandmate during my jamming session yesterday (Faiz), I pictured of thinking.. an environment somewhat I'm in a dusky, dried trees and.. somewhat grey looking forest. Okay, this is more or less of what the picture I'm having inside my head nowadays:

And he said "Eh sandi jua atu yang ko imagine lam utak mu?". I know memang sandi and it's a very boring feeling, hahaha.

*Save Him's track starts*


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Sincerely, xnox.

Thursday, April 24, 2008
4:09 PM

Keh before I start, this will be my first and very long boring post (if you must) to start off with. Hope you enjoy reading this one, cause I'll be doing such long blog like these a few times. Ready?

So.. Today's thursday, and yes.. I know it's a day where people'll go "YES ESOK FRIDAY INDA SEKULAH!" to some and the others go doing all their whatever plans they wanted to do on school days. I thought of so too... and for myself, I had the plans all sorted out. So I think, ah.. okay, I'll be taking attendance for today normally like any other schooldays. Yes, attendance. It's very important to me and all MKJB-ians. Strike "X" or "O" on your attendance sheet three times in a month, and your allowance go bye-bye. Well, not just for those who didn't came to school. It's also for late comers aswell.

And, I woke up for Thursday this morning and I realised the visualizations was just in my head (in my sleep?). I looked at the clock, and it's already 7.45AM. I know for me, waking up at that time while the school starts at 8.00AM and I'm several kilometers away (9km roughly), the end equation for my attendance for that day will be, "LATE".

Realizing that I'll be late for school, I wanted to take a quick bath, but my brother was having an opera-soap bath so I could only wash my hair and face.. yes the hair is a must. It's the most prominent feature that shows you "HAHA! You didn't had your bath this morning" in school. Washed my hair, and Wax on (Sampat lagi tu?), wore my coveralls and off I went to school. Just before I left the house, I looked at the watch and it's already 8.00AM. God I'm so gonna be late. Even what's best at that morning was my fever/flu was getting into me! Headache and the bad sore throat I felt just made me feel like I don't wanna go to school, but I'm already prepared for school, so I just went off.

If you already figured out that I'm already driving like hell just for an attendance, you bet!

And after trying to find a carpark for 1-2 minutes (a benefit of coming late, the carpark's full!), was all of that effort worth it?

........ NO, because I got a friggin "L" mark with 20 minutes late on the remarks of the attendance sheet. What's worst is that it was Syed Ali's lesson. What about him? He doesn't give a damn about being late or just 5 minutes late to his class. Heck, my watch was 8.15AM (and my phone) when I arrived to school and he just added another 5 minutes to make matters worse. So what that all means? I'm absent for the day!

Although, the funny thing was that I wasn't the only one who's late. Azim and Nani came at the same time as I was. So I said to Nani, "Eh, awal ah tane datang?".


Forwarding from there and skipping all the boring parts while I was at school, then it was 12.00PM and it's lunch break. I decided to skip school on this afternoon. My nose was already runny-iesh and the sore's getting worse, I'd planned to go to the Hospital later that afternoon. I didn't enjoyed lunch, lost of appetite? Gah. I watched some television shows instead during lunch, and that was better.

Later that afternoon, I prepared myself to go to the hospital. Hoped that I won't miss anything. Went down and started my car's engine. Bad headache feeling I was, the afternoon's ambient temperature was really warm. So warm that I thought my car's air condition system flunked out. Then I drove down, already reaching the Teko roundabout, so thinking about "Ubat ubat ubat" in my head, and I then realised... my wallet was in my coveralls! I had to drive back home to get my wallet. Twice the journey for only one purpose, sheesh.. anybody's got an antidote for these?Then I finally arrived at the hospital. It wasn't all that "many-people" thing as I expected when I first came. Took my number and while on my way back to the waiting area, I saw this:

"Hindari Sheesha" Poster

As I'm a "sheesha-er" myself, I was like.. EH?? This can't be happening. I also didn't believed that I stood there infront of the poster thinking about it, and stare at the poster for a few minutes.

Silenced by the warnings of the poster, I just went ahead to the waiting area and sat for about 10 minutes until it was my turn. Oh I weigh 59KG for the preminary check, yeay? It was always used to be 56KG. Wow, I gained weight for becoming sick hahaha.

Then bla bla, a Thailand looking doctor tanya "Apa sakit?"...

"Sore throat, paning, and running nose" .. "And aku mau MC untuk hari ane, aku skulah Jefri and aku absent hari ne sal aku late, so aku pakai MC untuk save lah".

Okay I made up the italic part. So I got my doctor's pharmacy description and the MC, I had to go and get my medicines already. God the headache, it gets worse and worse during the whole process. Gah, I need a good seat for me to relax for awhile. I put the description at the pharmacy's counter, and looked for a seat.

Now I'm not here to blabber about, but though.. the the public waiting seat SUCKS! I mean, just after I sat on one, I felt like and questioned myself.. am I sitting on a chair or a thin pole? Not just it wasn't that comfy, I couldn't find myself trying to sitback and relax and even if I did, the whole chair felt like it's going to pop off and just be like any one of these:

Broken chair?! Ehhhh.

I was trying to get myself comfortable for a few minutes, while waiting for my turn. It's still No. 325 when I realised the uncomfy chair thing and mine was No. 335! Yes, it means I had to wait for few more minutes... well it took much longer than I expected anyway.

Yay! Horray for MC!

After 10 minutes, I finally got my medicines and I already can't wait to go home. The whole thing started and ended for nearly an hour. Is this better than just getting some panadols off kadai kaling around my neighbourhood and be home in just under 10 minutes? I'm beginning to think so, but I don't expect the shopkeeper to give me an MC for the panadols.

I drove back home, (Otw, and saw Azie simpang-eng to Land Transport? Caldina 6566? That's certainly you!) and took my medicines straightaway as the headache in the end was getting unbearable. I'm feeling quite better now after consuming the medicines for about 20 minutes now. Next plan, I'm thinking to sleep.. and now.. uh, I need my rest.

AAAAAAA, *snorts*.. Xnox is sick, over and out..

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Sincerely, xnox.

12:23 AM

So.. I always wondered how musicians and etc made their songs out by recording instruments. What I mean is, yeah I know there's mixing, waveforms, mics and cables, then more mics to record such instruments into the pc where they'll be processed and mixed. I wanted to try it on my own first, and I thought that Qamaruz can be my Guinea Pig for this experiment, and so he agreed anyway to do a recording session. (Thanks to ya too, haha!)

Nuff said, we actually made two recordings out from several attempts and as expected, for a first timer (like myself and hi), we actually tried several things trying to balance the vocals and in this recording attempt is the guitar acoustics' quality. Due to the fact that my guitar isn't like any Gibson's acoustic that sounds $1,000-ish, I've could only do the best out from what I could. But anyway, I guess I'm pretty much satisfied with the sound in the end. Poor him, I'm pushing him and his vocals to do this job, hahaha. You did good, and thanks to si moon jua? Support this guy lah, ane ketawa pulang :p

And of course, here are the recordings if you would like to hear. Note that these recordings (audio only) are genuinely done by him and mixed by me.

Qamaruz - Save Him:

Qamaruz - After Tonight

Thanks to Maziz for letting us to use the equipments, and the jamming/studio room. Though, any comments on the recording will be appreciated, but cover comments goes to "iamgeorgenozuka.blogspot.com"! Stay tuned for more Qam-in-action. Hahaha.

P/S: Gomen-neh si Anafish, I was doing this when you asked me to come over. Haha. x)

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Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, April 21, 2008
6:59 PM

It's my favourite biskut karing of all time. I feel lucky when I eat. Hahaha apakan.

Bah I'm just joking, but it really is my favourite. And yes, to those who don't know what is a "Lucky Spot", there's your blonde answer, hahaha.

Sincerely, xnox.

4:45 PM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I think I better suggest this roadsign on every Brunei roads so that they'll be more cautious of the road idiots around them. I just got back after school, and something actually wants me to say something on the while journey back to my home.

And so I thought, have you ever drive with a behaviour in a situation something like the following:

1) Reversing a car without looking who's behind, and showing "in-a-hurry" face?
2) Blocks other road user's way, while you're talking to someone and act like you don't know?
3) Tailgating someone's car closely and for the sake of, "MOVE OUT THE WAY!"
4) Using the first lane in a roundabout to go to the second exit, while cutting the second lane?

If you answered any of the questions "no" and thought that it's stupid and selfish as a road user, then it's actually what I had today just after school.

What the hell with these people anyway? Sorry, but I've come to the point where I had enough of them and I did actually tolerated for few times when these type of road users behaviour and looks like more and more people are showing such examples. Either they need to go back to driving school or learn how to respect other road users, or just get the hell out from the road. Stop driving and stay at home playing GTA and do your stupid driving behaviour there.

And when an accident actually happens, they usually blame on the bad road conditions and etc, but hey, look's whose driving on our Brunei roads? The MAJORITY OF THEM!

*end rant*

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Sincerely, xnox.

Friday, April 18, 2008
7:34 PM

Yesterday I just got my grill mesh from Tutong which my dad bought it for me to mod it on my car. I thought I could install it on my own tomorrow. But when I realised that I should go to the workshop to do it, so I decided to drove down to the local's workshop.

Here's a picture of the Grill Mesh Package:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The car's OEM grills before installation. Some went missing already:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I drove down to Apok's workshop. It's around where you enter the Serikandi Restaurant's junction, but drive way down to almost the end. There's another workshop before Apok's, but I preferred the latter cause my dad's always been sending our cars to get fixed or serviced there. Then, I came to ask one of the mechanics there the question.. "Bulih kamu buat ane kah? Pasang grill mesh ini arah kereta saya". Then one of the mechanics, he's like.. "Ah, boleh boleh bikin ini". Well that's an OK GO! for me.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

So they started dismantling my front bumpers first. The wheel's well was first to be removed before they can open the bumper's screw. A heck lot of screws actually, some are hidden and they had to find out. I could have brought some kind of manual how to remove the bumper in the first place to actually save some time.

Dismantling the front bumper:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Front bumper dismantled. Look how dirty behind the bumper is:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

From there, they proceeded with measuring, and cutting the mesh to fit to the bumper. The center opening of the bumper was done first before the other 2 side vents for the fog lights. I could guess that it's actually much better to start with the easy one first.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Then the fog lights. Sweet job looking so far. I'm anxious to see the end product!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Then the left fog light.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Oh, they fitted the grills to the bumper by tie-ing copper cables or some sort to the bumper. They did this by first punching a few holes (ouch) to the bumpers for the wires to get through and tied. The following picture shows before the end product, fitting the front bumper back in:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And, the final product!:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Few more shots, flash and no flash:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

It's already late now, and I can't get any pictures in bright until tomorrow. I don't even know how would it look like in daylight. Looks like it's until tomorrow before I can find out.

I'm actually quite pleased with the job and the mod performed. Although, I had to pay for $30 just to get it fixed but I'm pretty much more than just satisfied. Personally I think the car looks better and sharper now. Oh if you're wondering where's the old grills, I kept it at the storeroom of my house. Well I know it's pretty much useless, but I guess it's a remainder for... "The Grills before the mod". I'll leave you now with an edited or 'slightly' enhanced photo of the overall mod. More updates and mods to come soon! Until then..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Sincerely, xnox.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
3:21 AM

Now that it's just begun, I decided to start modding my ride. "No wait, you own the ride?", and the answer is yes. Dad gaved me the car key, and said "It's yours". So, the expense on paying monthly installments, he's the man. Thanks dad!

To begin, it's an European car obviously. I like european cars. A spain carmaker, but car itself made in Belgium, "Seat Toledo 04' 1M" (Seey-yaat). It's a 1.8L 20V Sedan, does 0-100 km/h in a year and has gajillion of horsepower under the hood. Okay the fact is, this is ain't your super fast sports car, but it still does okay. 115BHP, front wheel drive, the number sucks, so I'm not going further on the technical specifications.

I don't know why I really like the car despite the first impression I had was, "What an odd looking front grille!", I watched this car and drive everyday to school, and all I can say that, this car has really grown in me, and actually stole my heart actually to decide modding this car from ground up. (Ehhh labihhh heart ah).

Of course, there's some dollar bills to spend for too. Hopefully a little bit of my college's allowance help me in the way, and of course my dad jua kali (He even wanted some pair of Angel Light Headlamps and LED Backlights for his E32 BMW 7 series!).

So yeah, enough for the introduction, now for the pictures:

The car, Seat Toledo 04' 1M.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And for the first mod, I installed the Polarg B1 Hybrid M4 Lightings:

One set for the headlamps, and one set for the rear license plate lightings.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Can't be judged much from the amount of light ambient at the time I took the photo. But it gives off a white hue, and brighter than the stock lighting. Of course, there's LED type of bulbs which gives off more light and larger range, but I can't afford that for now. But I'm planning to upgrade the whole headlight itself, to this:

Pretty pretty huh? Yes, you're looking at an aftermarket Headlight, with Angel Lights. I'll buy this sometime soon, hopefully if everything goes according to plan. There's also HID Replacement bulb kits available, but that also gonna costs me an arm and leg.

I believe this project will be an interesting one. Of course, I'll start off modding the tiny little bits before I go touching the overall look of the car like the bodykits, wheels and etc. For the next posts I'll try to get into the very details of any work I'll do in the future. More updates and mods to come, and I will update the progress of the project.

Sincerely, xnox.

Thursday, April 10, 2008
2:42 PM

Finally project is done, and there's few more assignments and tests to go. Man, restless days in school. Work, work and work.

Sincerely, xnox.

Friday, April 4, 2008
5:45 AM

After several days of 2-3 hours only of sleep time during these few days doing my school project, finally it's completed now. Report, and everything. Now all I have to concentrate is exams which might be due this month, if not probarbly next month. Had the final project review just now, and it was okay except several comments on my projectmates on the way they presenting the project. Other than that, I guess everything's fine. Several other of the classmates also did their project wonderfully.

So after school, I got practically nothing to do at home. Took my bath early for no reason, like just right after school. Usually I take my baths quite late, lol. Then had just an okay dinner. Dad asked me if he could put out my car's battery to use temporarily on another car which needs to be jumpstarted at garage bandar. I said yeah okay. Now for just today (Friday), I won't be able to drive anywhere without my car's battery. Gah, so I guess I better plan something good later to fill my free time.

After doing the battery removal, got up back to my room.. and facing the computer. This time, I seriously don't know what to do. So what I did, I took my laptop, some USB Cables, and my Keyboard Adaptor and sustain pedal, plugged everything and ... *switches*. I guess I decided to do some keyboard-ing.

It's been awhile since I last played my keyboard. Turned on "Reason 4.0", browsed for the "Grand Piano" patch.. and there I go, playing exquisite and perfect sound of a true acoustic grand piano. Thanks to the software rack modulation synth I have in my laptop, well I can be just a little bit of Rudess's specialties.

So I played, on and on... from 8. Playing from "Grand Piano", then to various other sounds too. Played some leads a little and trying to get the feel of what I'm feeling at that moment. But none of the lead sounds fit my mood. So going back again to "Grand Piano", I started to play slowly.. and improvise chords and melodies as I play. The night was cold, and my hands were quite dry too. But I continued to play, and not banging the keys. Improvise, improvise... and until I got so into it, I even recorded some parts of what I've played that evening. What are you currently listen to the mp3 recently updated (both Friendster and Multiply) is the song composed by me. Forgive any mistakes I may have, but.. just try to get the idea what I'm trying to do in that piece.

2:42AM, and there's nothing left to do. Off to bed I am es going.

Sincerely, xnox.