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Saturday, May 31, 2008
7:39 PM

Okay so I had literally nothing to do, AT ALL.. this afternoon. Yesterday I entertained myself by watching Juno. I know it's last year's, but still I can say that it was one of the best movies I've watched. The story line is great, the actor's plot is perfectly laid out and all. The OST are awesome too.

So another boring afternoon today, I decided to cover The Moldy Peaches's Anyone Else But You song. It's really catchy, and I've been playing it over and over again in my Winamp Playlist. With the help of a good software like Audacity, I was able to record the following clip. I've recorded different tracks of Guitar, Vocals (all by me by the way :s) then into one audio track. Still not that good in my opinion (a willing female vocalist would help?!) but hope you'll enjoy, and again.. comments will be appreciated:


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Sincerely, xnox.

Thursday, May 29, 2008
9:30 AM

"Web users are getting more ruthless and selfish when they go online, reveals research.."


Have a read, dear impatient online users. I know you are. (COME ON! LOAD DAMN IT?)

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Sincerely, xnox.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
9:04 PM

I'll let the pictures do the talking. And yes, they're all mostly my favourites:

There's more like the alum-bemakan Pringles Hijau lam beg sekulah ku. Also Luckyspot, Biskot karing, kthxbai, hahahaha :))

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Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, May 26, 2008
1:27 AM

Kinda thought that I spent my Sunday weekend as it's been awhile since I got in touch with them. But still, I think my assignment on PL haunts me! Anyway, moving on..

So on the fine Sunday Morning, Faiz and I went to the DST Roadshow. Nothing much to see, but there's several promotion things going on about 3G Broadband, and stuffs. But the event were just about to start when we came. Of course, we also went to B.L. Tones Music Store nearby, and was just looking around. It was about lunch time when we decided to pick Barry up from his house. Baru mandi jua lah anak atu when we came.

And, first thing first after we picked him up, we decided to have lunch. I treated them out to lunch at the Nasi Ayam Restaurant next to KFC.

Hungry, no?

After we had our lunch, they decided to go to my house and use the internet access for awhile to update themselves with band stuffs, etc. Later that afternoon, Maziz, Farah and along with some others also tagged along to join us. Went to the beach, and just chilling out. We talked, laughed and joke about and everybody were just enjoying themselves with also the view at the beach, and sort. I was in my own world of taking photos of things around me.

Walking on the beach, eh?


Err, right.. hello berreh.

1M mau jua begambar?

We got home just before Magrib. From there, I stayed at Maziz's house for the rest of the evening. Faiz got his jamming session with Adul's band members. I tagged along with him cause I wanted to know where was the place he's going. So we got to the place, and they started their jamming session. I enjoyed watching them during the session (they covered "Hero" too, ehh?). After an hour later, we got back to the house again and just resting ourselves after the jamming session.

I stayed until 12.00AM before going home. There was this movie at RTB2 that made me sat and watch the whole movie. It was quite entertaining actually! After watching the movie, everybody were already tired. I felt my fatigue experience aswell. I drove back to my home sweet home as soon as I sent them (Adul, Barry) back.. and yeah, were about to go to sleep straightaway when I realised I haven't gone to bath yet. Errr.. nah kan mandi tah ku ne!

But it was indeed a very enjoyable day with my band mates. Entah, nanti tah lagi chill macam catu lagi? Hahaha~ :D

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Sincerely, xnox.

Thursday, May 22, 2008
8:37 PM

So suddenly I had the mood to write something up. Kinda listening to BFBE's Michael as I'm typing this down. So the song goes in the chorus, "I don't understand why.." in one part.

I just don't understand why sometimes. Why, do I have to.... be malas and inda antar assignment tadi (or more or less, inda sampat buat?). Why do I have to, go out suddenly out of the blue and drove my 1M around town? Why do I have to keep thinking that they're going to make me feel better? Why do I have to be the one that always ask these questions? Why do I have to feel paning after buat every assignment, eh? Hahaha.

I think the answer is simple: I'm Xnox, and I'll be always what I want to be. I tend to be silly, yes I know. But living with my own life, why be sad when you can be happy?

Alright infact I'm just being random for the few lines above, rather unnecessary actually I think. It was the few things that happened and what I thought today. But still, I'm still in my upright happy mood all day. Nothing too bad happened, nor nothing too good happened. It was just right. :D

So anyway, today I'm supposed to hand-in my VB assignment. But unfortunately after overslept-ing and powernap-ing too much before the deadline, I had to put all the heck effort doing the assignment this morning and for the whole afternoon. Guess I was wrong, I couldn't complete it! Ehhh, qamaruz? Yeah, he was actually pulling his hair out too when he was doing his assignment, hahaha!

Eh? Buat assignment wah!

We've tried to finish the assignment (and the rest of the coursemates) before 4.30PM which before the final deadline but proved that it was too much work to finish under that constrained time. Good thing though that our Instructor Sir Ravi wasn't in that afternoon. Looks like I'll be sending in his assignment by Saturday morning!

Sigh! But tomorrow, I'll be really doing my assignment and get done with it. After that, kamu kan bawa aku bejalan kah or apakah, mana saja tu!

Alright some random pics of the week:

Mr. Bean? Good for the "assignment-tension" release!

Lunch time at Simpur. That's two Nasi Katuk for one by the way.

Black 1M, Silver 1M.. Hrmmm which key should I pick?

Hello, aku di jamban! Haha :D

Oh, and tomorrow's Friday. I'll be picking up my parents balik dari Umrah from Airport tomorrow. I miss my mom's "IWANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" and dad's "Sikit-sikit nak barang kereta saja", ehhh? Kedapatan aku demanding. Hahaha nadawah.

Kay that's all folks. Until next time :D

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Sincerely, xnox.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
8:02 PM

Thank you dear viewers, now finally baru tah aku kan 1K view. Kay terima kasih bebanyak, nanti whoever becomes the first 10k viewer, aku lanja tu.. eh? Haha!

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Sincerely, xnox.

4:48 PM

Alright, Azie kambang asked me to update but I thought that I already updated my blog recently, but whatever, so here's a another random post, and don't say that I haven't updated my blog. >:( ..... Errmm, hahaha! :D

Okay, so this week is pure assignment week, as I have to complete the two assignments given. In the progress, I found that the Hardware Assignment (which happens to be somewhat my favourite subject by the way? Geek, I know) has alot of things to do. What I thought when that assignment is supposed to fbe able completing it in under a few hours are actually more than that! Flowchart, and photos.. and photos (I think I'm over doing it aswell?).

Well that's not all, Programming Language Assignment is on its way too.. and the due date is not that far off. Two days remaining for PL Assignment. Sigh, busy.. I know. After Thursday, and I'm fuh-ree!

Oh, around this afternoon before going home, I found this on 1M's windshield. I took it upstairs to have a closer examination of these "Post-it" thingies. As there was no name written on it, I'm actually asked to delve of who were they.

But, after much deliberation, and some help from so-called Detective Q (Eh?), I think who's who already:

Let's start with this one. Yes, he knows very well who wrote this. (Edit note: NOTT. Si qam salah guess. Aku caya jua, hahaha)

And then, this too. "Anu yang inda makan nasi nya tadi, tapi main kucing pulang" (Edit note: Supposingly, but it's the other way around)

Kamu kambang, and lain kali aku jumpa kamu awas kamu. You know who you are! I'm keeping it. Hahaha, sigh.

Edit: Okay as said, the picture is supposed to be the other way around. Bah, even if it's the other way around, doesn't change the fact that kamu capi. Hahaha =)

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Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, May 19, 2008
3:08 AM

Okay, this week was pretty much an exam week for me, and so it will be until the next Thursday. Just been told that two of my assignments due date has been pushed until Wednesday (Hardware Technology) and Thursday (Programming Language). I slacked off for Sunday, and decided to do it tomorrow instead. Sigh, and if the assignments would be due until next month, then I don't know when I will start doing my assignments, hahah!

Anyway, I've been watching several random videos from YouTube. From "Seat Toledo" videos, "Drag Races", "Air Crashes", "Sonic Boom Compilations", and.. "Human Accidents".

And this, dear readers: you gotta watch this one! Nice compilation of "Face plants". Ouch!

Now this one I find it extremely amusing. Errr, folkkk.. sheeeeiitttttt.. folkkkkk. *rofls*

I think I'll just do my assignments tomorrow anyway and be done with it. Hrmm, eh 3:18AM on Monday Morning and I'm still up. YouTube's sure addicting! Not.. I better get some sleep soon. :S

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Sincerely, xnox.

Friday, May 16, 2008
8:25 PM


I made a dedicated thread under Seatcupra.net for my car's Project Log. Much more detailed information to come there but though I'll be still updating here too for 1M's project.

Check it out!

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Sincerely, xnox.

12:10 AM

Today, I had my last paper which was Ugama. Finally, my exams are over but it's still a no "holiday from school" yet. I've got 3 assignments to submit. But whatever with that. Also, my teaching instructor said that I've passed on the 3 papers (Software Engineering, Hardware Technology, Data Communication & Network), so yeah.. that's a really good sign. All assignments are due on this 19 May, and I'm done for ND! Okay maybe the industrial attachment.. but that's about it.

Celebrating the last examination of the course, I went home straight away after doing my paper. Okay not much of a celebration, but.. back home, I've finally got the time to fix my car again! (Inda abis-abis?). Now it's perfect. Aircon's cold now, no more engine heat soak surge, and etc. Had to do the air con gas refill cause it was really freakin' hot in the car. Can't wait for my parents to get back to fix my car while they're on their Umrah (Dad, mum.. doa2 kan lah anak mu di sini? Haha).

Later that afternoon, I went to the beach for another 1M's test run. The first test run, I actually saw Amsyar's chilling in his car. He was kinda surprised to see me alone. And I thought, he must been here to steam off exam pressures. At 4, he said that he wanted to go to the gym with the rest of the friends, so I'm like.. uh, I'll go back home then right after that. Back home, I cooled off the car's engine. Went upstairs and did some online browsing as usual, and etc.. Waited for about 2 hours to cool the car down.

Then, final test run was carried out 6:00PM, cold engine start to see if the car's acting up with that. While on the way, the car went fine even on under hard driving condition. I went to the beach again, and this time, I saw Marsya, Farah, Faiz and Maziz! Like it was a coincidence meeting them. I went chilling out with them, then later to Maziz's house. I went home after that and it was already about 7:30 in the evening.

Back home, I was getting MSN-ed for all the crap hype about "Phone's emitting radiation" and stuff. People, it's a hoax okay? Seriously, whatever crap you heard from Television or so are just the words from people's mouth. Yeah, I'm going to take these news as a grain of salt. Unless you show me a hard evidence of where you've got the news, show it and prove it to me then I'll be convinced! (Eh?).

Anyhow, after the hype of the radiation and etc, storms acting up too lately in Kaybee. Then I was actually thinking of another 'phenomenon' that might occur. But heck, this one is much more hard evidence than ya'lls radiation sms craps. I was reading up at Wiki about Geomagnetic Storm later that evening. And this one, is more likely happening to us.. and it won't be nice if it happens anytime soon. How does a power trip for a day sounds to you? I'm not looking forward to it either. Well this storm, it can damage our Country's Electrical main transformers due to the sudden geomagnetic storm and cut off our entire power supply. I remembered about watching the same such thing too at National Geographic on Television. It says repairing a damaged transformer can take up to a month! Imagine a month without electricity!

So yeah, pretty much made myself pre-occupied for the whole afternoon/evening with these things. I think I'll start doing my assignment tomorrow. Well uh, that's all for now. Yes, this post is more or less another random one I guess.

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Sincerely, xnox.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
8:34 PM

Okay, well I've actually ordered a Red Oil Catch Tank Filter (a wha?) for my car off from eBay.co.uk for just about $80 (insured) in total. It's actually pretty sweet price compared to Cusco's, Greddy's or D1's alternatives. They cost heck well over $200, and well yeah their quality is promised. But we'll see how the item that I order goes.

ETA, 1/2 weeks from now. Hope it doesn't take too long. Updates to come. Just washed my car moments ago.. eh? and now at the point of writing this right now, start hujan labat! WTH..

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Sincerely, xnox.

Friday, May 9, 2008
10:03 AM

Can I make a statement that not everyone like to be awake in their sleep on a Friday well too early? For me, 9.00AM is too early actually. I don't know about you people. But having a nice deep sleep then suddenly be awaken up is certainly not nice, x)

This Friday morning, my mum woke me up in such a hurry state looking to borrow my laptop and I'm still in my blurry state, and blantly said.. "It's in the car, it's in the car.. The key's there (Pointing my car key at my key hangers)". But infact, my laptop wasn't in the car, hahaha. Saw next to my desk where I usually placed my laptop bag.

So whatever, I got out from bed, took my laptop and went out to the living room. With my "bangas" face, I was greeted by two guys from TelBru. Uhh, wow? So they needed a laptop to test out something. And I looked out the several things that they did. First off, they installed the new ADSL Alcatel Modem, and this.. some kind of Broadband Decoder. Kay, I don't update myself much on TelBru's Leased Line deals (Did i just said Leased Line?) of what bundle and options they offer. I noticed that the Alcatel Modem they used is not the Router/Wireless version. I'm kinda glad and disappointed at the same time, cause it would be nice to have a wireless modem/router built-in aswell but that's not much of a big deal since I can still use the much better Linksys Router.

So after they installed off everything, they also plugged the decorder thingy and tried it out. They say that the decoder currently only offers 2 channels in Trial mode, so that's RTB1 and RTB2 (Wth?). Next, they tried the Internet connection itself. First, my router didn't resolve the IPs correctly, and it took about 2 minutes to find its IP address.

And, the BruNet's speed test:


They also tested streaming some random YouTube videos aswell. Guess what? It downstreams like a dream ~_~, the red bar fills the loading bar really fast! Opening webpages has no loads or whatsoever at all. And, yerp.. that's one of the best features of Leased Line everyone. :))

... Err, wait.. I know that Leased Line are much more expensive monthly than 512Kbps subscription, so if I'm not getting my personal allowance from dad/mum by the next few months, I think I will know the reason why. -_-"

Xnox out! (Should I go back to sleep?)

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Sincerely, xnox.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
9:22 PM

So I didn't get to school today due to my leg, hari tu patah so aku off for a couple of days from school.

Seriously? Inda caya?

Errr okay, nadalah. Teachers all went for convocation and the school's off. I get to woke up at 3.00PM, and I guess it was enough rest for me. I had to send my assignment by tomorrow and I thought I decided to do my assignment. But I didn't! Instead, I thought that I would fiddle around with 1M again. So yeah, supposingly to go at Qam's house to do the assignment together but I didn't (AHAHA) .. I went down to kaybee and bought several stuffs to start my project.

=== Airfilter Box Modification ===

I was thinking to update my engine bay this time, as I actually already modded my Airfilter Box few days back. It's a homemade CAI-style airbox modification of which, you drill holes (before the filter element intake) and allow more air to draw into the airbox.

The original airbox.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Oh before I move on, I got this idea from the forums. Just to make sure that you're not thinking that I'm just damaging my engine by doing this. Moving on, the hole point of the mod is to allow more air. Obviously, I need to drill several holes. Took my dad's electric drill, and made several holes away.

Teh knife, cutting excess plastics bit made by the drills:
Free Image   Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And the final product:
Free Image   Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image   Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Once done drilling several holes, I used the sandpaper (1200 Grits) and shaved off several plastic bits and smooth out around the holes. This to ensure no plastic bits are still left and you don't want the bits to go inside the engine! I also sprayed the airbox around the holes to make it look a little bit cleaner.

I fitted back the airbox into the car and bolted back all down, and went for a test drive. So what difference does it make? .... Engine sounds good now. Gives out the darth vader-like inside your engine and it's loud! (Making bypassers look at you when you're accelerating), and power wise.. probably a little more, but not really that noticable. Anyhow I'm quite satisfied with this mod until I get the proper CAI Kit (And that's the Neuspeed P-Flow Airfilter kit).

=== Engine Dressup Mod ===

The next mod I've done was dressing the engine up. I bought a Red Spray Can and a roll of Carbon Fibre Trimming sticker. A Razor-blade knife and double-sided tape. I was looking for a aluminium tubing to feed cold air to my airbox. Unfortunately I can't find any of it at the local hardware store.

Here's the stock engine look:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And the tools (Uh, Luckyspot it's for me to eat while working on it):
Free Image Hosting at   www.ImageShack.us

First I undo-ed my battery cover. I painted the cover to a Brilliant Red/Orange look. I didn't had any Primer, so yes... I had troubles getting the paint on. It was dripping, and had to spray several layers, and I think I overdone it too, LOL. Then I cut the carbon-fibre sticker to fit over the usebox cover and the airbox cover.

After carefully measuring and cutting, I put the stickers on. Since the engine compartment has quite a warm ambient, I layed down the double-sided tape for the carbon-fibre sticker to stuck on. I guess it would help a little bit more.

Sticking it up:
Free Image Hosting at   www.ImageShack.us

Final pictures:
Free Image Hosting at   www.ImageShack.us

More mods to come soon as usual again. I wanted to do the door pillars for Carbon-fibre trimmings aswell but it was already dark after I've done the fusebox and airbox cover. I guess that'll be on Friday (that next day I'll be having Software Engineering paper! .. Uh, Sunday then). Xnox, out. :))

P/S: Sorry for the shaky images btw. The camera phone sucks really.

Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, May 5, 2008
2:27 PM

Okay let me just update this thing. Been busy lately, and no.. not busy revising and sorts for my exams. Instead, I think I'm slacking too much for my final papers. I am certainly missing something. I'm missing some pieces of puzzles and bridges for a gap.

Moving on, last Saturday was my Hardware Technology paper. I think it's fairly okay, well I guess the structured questions wasn't that bad than I thought. I did forgot some important points like Pipelining and Hyperthreading (Qam? Owned).

Just after I got out from the examination hall that afternoon, I checked my phone and I received a text message from Maziz (My band's guitarist) and said we were going to perform in the evening arah rumah entah I wasn't sure at first. It was confirmed later that we were playing at Khairul's anyway. I don't know him, but damn that night was an adrenaline-filled in me. Now my neck hurts like hell. Saw Nazmi too at the gig, and few others that I know. The gig ended at 1.00 AM, and I got home like two hours later prior packing the equipments back. I knew I'm going to be tired tomorrow. Oh yes, tomorrow it's Sunday... No I'm not going to have my long rest and sleep till late afternoon. Heck, I forgot that next day that my relatives were coming over for Doa Selamat at our house.

I had to woke up at 9.00AM, but slacked off and made it to 11.00AM instead. My mum wasn't very happy about it. Early morning sudah my mum bising2 because of me, hahaha. Took my bath, then pakai-ed my cara-melayu.

The guests came around 12:00PM. The occassion kinda occupied me the whole day, and I didn't got time to update my Twitter or any sorts. I realised that it's exam week anyway, so I can't revise either. My cousins raided my bedroom and played my brother's PS3. That was about 3 in the afternoon. Most of the other cousins went home already. Laughters and jokes made the afternoon, and by 5.00PM, finally everybody went home. Took bunch of photos too which I'll be posting a tad bit later.

I was tired at the end of the day. and still bearing the pain in my neck. Gah, this would take me about 4-5 days to finally heal. I can't even look at my surroundings comfortably without moving my body orientation to where I'm watching. I feel like an inflexible piece of human body, walking like a robot everywhere I go... Okay maybe that sounded exaggerated, but you get what I mean. I still can turn my head a little though.

So yeah, suming all up.. my exam week:
- Pain in the neck
- Slacking, revising in the last minutes.
- ...too much 1M wishlists nowadays.

3 more papers to go.. Data Communication and Networking, Software Engineering and Ugama. Heck, even after the exams there'll be assignments to be done. I can officially say that by June then I'm free from college. Industrial attachment (TelBru by the way), and I guess that'll keep my brain working.

And uh, that's all folks. Ending this post is a screenshot showing what I'm currently doing on my Monday afternoon during Exam week. :))

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Sincerely, xnox.

Friday, May 2, 2008
6:23 PM

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
- After I graduate, and then some time later.

2. Where will you go if someone sponsor you a tour ticket?
- Any upcoming Dream Theater's Concert.

3. What's your favorite thing to do?
- Washing car when I'm stressed, hahaha.

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
- Apparently yes in our world.

5. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?
- Being a millionaire under 1st Quarter

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
- Nope.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
- Everything I had once, errr..

8. What's your favourite kind of movies?
- The ones not like "Impak Maksima" and other cliche movies.

9. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
- My car, pc, and music equipments for my band.

10. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- Depends on who are we speaking to.

11. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
- Azie - Kiyot, nice and kambang. (^^,)

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
- One that uses you, yes.. being used.

13. What is your ambition?
- Musician, else.. somewhere I can use my geek expertise. Wth.

14. If you can teleport once, where would you go?
- No idea.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- My future.

16. If you could undo doing one mistake in the past, what would it be?
- I wished I wasn't involved in any relationships.

17. What is love?
- Love is happiness, and I've yet to experience one.

18. What music have you been listening to recently?
- An "Hourglass" away, waiting for the "Hell's Kitchen" to take its course "One Last Time" and I'm "About To Crash".

19. What is your least favourite animal?
- Err, entah.

20. Are you a bookworm?
- Nah.

Completed, and no I'm not gonna tag anyone, maybe next time. :D


Sincerely, xnox.