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So I'll tell you this:
- I'm no footballer guy.
- I'm against Rice Cars/People.
- I'm still jobless

I speak A-Z of the following:
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Be me, be that keyboardist, be that life. Go figure, I wished I don't have to hate for certain things.

"The mirror is the optimist/pessimist's best friend"



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Thursday, January 31, 2008
5:24 AM

After all the rants and bla bla, complaining our classroom that haven't got the aircon fixed and yang sungguh panas, we finally moved back to our old classroom again (CR6) from CR3. Yes, the same old aircon and carpeted floors again, and.. new classroom layout (table layout that is). Yayy to the HOD, yang baru tah kan 'act' on teh issue. Pfftt.

Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, January 28, 2008
4:15 PM

Soon, and soon. I'm leaning to the 'bad-feeling' side.

Make this right.

Sincerely, xnox.

3:59 AM

Felt like writing something so..The year's advancing and it's already 2008. Seriously, I don't get it this year. I always felt that for every new year, there's something new going on or there's a change around me. To be honest, it felt like last year or maybe I'm just saying this too early due to the fact it's only January. The first month is about to be over, and February is about to visit me, yet again.. with something.

Maybe's the fact that, the school's layout never changed since last year. I actually missed the old times before the new year 2007, and I'm loving the every part of it. I missed the carpeted classroom (the current classroom doesn't have any, and it's freaking hot), listening to "Jack's Mannequin" tunes in my headphones during lesson times, and spending my time with the rest of the classmates at the back of the classroom, lying on the floor chattering around and pretty much enjoying/resting ourselves all the way. Somewhat the end of that year, we felt we already knew each other then we slowly started parting our own ways and doing their own things. Laptops are to blame for that! It's been like that even until today, so it's boring.. and boring.

Hopefully this year, I can enjoy is on my part-time job, and the new sauna from 8am-12pm/2pm-4.30pm. Hell, I don't know when the instructors are going to fix the freaking air-con in our classroom. They can't even stand it, hence skipping lessons. They might just give us a damn school holiday for all these weeks without lessons, at least I can utilize with something else.

And talking about utilizing times, I'll be having my hands full for next month or two early this year.
:: 1/2/3 February - Jamming session with band.
:: 8/9/10 February - Jamming session with band.
:: 19 February - Data Communication Assignment.
:: 21/22/23/24 February - Band Audition (Battle of the bands 2008).

* Off to sleep, continues torrent *

Sincerely, xnox.

Saturday, January 19, 2008
3:09 AM

To general/avid gamers, I think this link is really worth to look at. See how your favourite games fair-up with other latest and cool games from last year in the "2007 Interactive Achievement Awards".


Personally, Bioshock for teh win!

Sincerely, xnox.