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Friday, June 27, 2008
2:57 PM

Okay, finally got my HID kit problem sorted. Damn those Aaron's guy, but kesian jua kan blame durang. Pasang malam-malam, yetah inda nampak. But anyway, my HIDs are now fitted and all I can say is... "GET ONE"! It does make your driving actually better due to better visibility. Best for Highway use I guess, and for the looks *raises eyebrow*.

Those who knows about HID may find the following details interesting:
- Dipped Beam, H7 Bulb Fitting. 6000k Color Intensity.
- Low Fog Lamps, H3 Bulb Fitting. 6000k Color Intensity.


More mods to come, a few more actually. Gotta get the car and engine bay cleaned up, then I'll take the pornographic shots of 1M. TEEEEHEEEE.

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Sincerely, xnox.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
9:48 AM

Tu nah, last tah ko liat lampu $240 ku marak ah sebelah kanan (camera angle) ah. Tarang oh? Pasal napa tarang berabis than usual? Bukan sal HID. Sal bulb nya pasang cara buduh ah. Langgar Speedbump, nah ratak. Pacah eh. I'm going to Aaron's back during this lunch time and complaint. Mahal saja aku bayar labour suruh pasang for $50, and this is what I get.

Kalau tau aku pasang sendiri, baie.

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Sincerely, xnox.

9:36 AM

Toys from eBay came in again:

Pictures of those installed will come in later. The car's dirty, and something really bad went up.


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Sincerely, xnox.

8:57 AM

Last Photo Update (Singapore Holiday):

(And that's Brunei International Aiport btw)

That's all. And please for godsake, do not bite the monitor. Kazens ku kiyot, I know. "Abg erwan .. abg erwan ..". Aku saja boleh, hahaha apakan. I love my kazen, my atok ayah in Singapore, my Uncles and Aunties arah Singapore. Aku mau pergi lagi.


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Sincerely, xnox.

Monday, June 23, 2008
2:00 AM

So this will be my final blog update about my Holiday to Singapore. Tired? Yes, I am.. but I enjoyed overall. Thanks to my parents obviously 'yang-bawa-aku-cuti-ke' Singapore. I also enjoyed very much with my uncles, aunties, and cousin yang 'kiyot'. Thanks for everything, you guys are the best! Pictures to follow up later. Ehe.

Oh and I realised tomorrow's Monday. It'll be my Industrial Attachment's first day. Aaa.. I think I have my clothes ready.

Errm, nanti tah aku update blog ani pasal aku ngalih and kan tidor.

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Sincerely, xnox.

Thursday, June 19, 2008
11:00 PM

Second day in Singapore.. Alot of shopping, shopping.. and more shopping with my mum/brother. Went to Paragon Building (Awesome shopping complex for millionaires), Takashimaya Shopping Complex, Wisma Atria, Tangs, iSetan, Metro, Lucky Plaza, a little taste of Swensen too (Mahal!), then around some more shopping complexes in Orchard Road yang aku masih inda tau namanya. Erwin pulang tau ane wah, like there's one of the tourists sana tanya, "Excuse me ar, errm maner Lucky Plaza?".. And Erwin buat macam ya orang local saja!

I got my own stuffs too while shopping. Kasut, baju, seluar, jam (yayyy) and some untuk aku pakai attachment. Eyoh baju baru ni untuk Attachment, haha apakan. After hours of non stop shopping/walking/laughing/mental-sakit-kaki/etc ngan them, I'm finally back at the hotel. Resting jua lah tarus aku, mandi lagi batah tu.. nyaman aing nya haha. Had McD's (Big Mac, mmm) for dinner. Esok jalan lagi ni, but my dad and Erwin's going home tomorrow. Durang flight balik esok, and I'll be staying with my mum until Sunday. Tidur arah rumah kazen lagi ni arah Tampines, and that.. langsung nada Internet Access. So guess this will be my last update kali until aku balik Brunei. Yes yes, I wanna get more baju/jam/kasut/seluar lagi mum. *Bunyi tampar*. Awu bah inda, inda! Gila eh, mesti duit duit and more duit kan bali barang-barang sini ni. Err duh. :3 Kapihhh.

Haha apakan. That's all for this update. Got some photos again for today :D. Until then, take care dear readers! Aku rindu kamu, kamu and kamu.

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Sincerely, xnox.